About Us

Why Spiritual Specimen

Many have lost their way. Knowing not who they are, they struggle continuously against their bodies. We were not born to wage war with our bodies, but with our  bodies we are to enjoy all the freedoms life has to offer. But when there is a struggle between Mind, Body, and Soul, chaos ensues, and this chaos casts its detrimental affects upon your body. For this cause has Spiritual Specimen been born. To provide Nutritional and Spiritual supplements to boost, or aide in the development of oneness between Mind, Body and Soul. 

          We battle not against flesh and blood. 

When the thoughts of truth began to fruit within you, then you are infused with power to take charge, and these supplements now become a boost to your focus goal of becoming one in mind body and soul. You are not your flesh. Overweight, sickness, disease, are the enemy that keep you distracted from knowing and receiving the truth. You are made from the highest quality, the highest grade called spirit. But when you are lost, you seek to live by bread alone. Which means your attention is on the flesh, your outer self, and the war between mind and body rages. When truth descends from above, you stop seeking to turn stone to bread, focusing power on the inanimate, and, or, living a life in difficulty, and choose to acknowledge the truth of who you are.

Go ahead, breathe, for this is your connection with life. Smile and seek to command good upon your body. Be in control. Dedicate your life to eating a healthy diet, boosted by our supplements for the development of oneness between Mind, Body and Soul. This is the way of the Spiritual Specimen, make it your way too.

A Few Words About

Spiritual Specimen

Many are drowning in supplement saturation, and the secret to obtaining their physical goals lies within. For this reason Spiritual Specimen enters the nutritional supplements race throwing a lifeline for those adrift in the supplement sea.

It is not the ingredients that shall work the wonder, but the mind within.

Yes, there are many supplements brands, but Spiritual Specimen enters into the fray not to compete, but stand above. Purposing this we throw out the lifeline of truth that saves 

(As a man, or woman thinketh in their heart so are they) 

When you raise up a bottle of Spiritual Specimen, the logo reminds you of the truth of who you are – A specimen with power born from above.

When the mind is in-tuned to truth, only then can these supplements fully serve their purpose, to be a boost to the overall oneness of mind, body and soul. They are not some secret elixir, but a boost to a correct physical diet, to assist in the journey to a oneness within – that being inner peace, the mind and body acting in right accord. 

Go ahead, choose from our quality selections, and let your journey to a oneness of mind, body and soul begin. Raise up a bottle and see the truth of who you are – a Spiritual Specimen, and your journey for change begins within.